Tapet - Wallpaper Generator For Android


Tapet - Wallpaper Generator For Android

If you want your phone to surprise you every few minutes, download Tapet. With this brand new application for Android, you can quickly generate beautiful wallpapers and backgrounds that will change automatically at a set time.

Tapet has no learning curve and is very easy to use. Launch the app and swipe right or left (or up and down) on the screen to create the perfect wallpaper for your device. Tapet offers an infinite number of options and combinations - every picture it generates is different. From geometric wallpapers to gradients to plain background, it can create images that will fit the style of your phone's home screen like a glove.

With various patterns and colour combinations, Tapet is probably the largest wallpaper database for the platform. Every image can be saved into gallery or shared with friends. Moreover, directly from within the app, you can specify a time interval when it will automatically generate a picture and set it as wallpaper. That way, every time you unlock your phone, it will have a little surprise for you.

Eager to take it for a spin? Download Tapet from Google Play Store for free.