Best Photography Apps for iPhone 2014


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Our post on the best photography apps for Android was very popular so it was only fitting to do the same for iPhone. The iPhone is the most popular camera in the world with more pictures being taken with it than any other camera, as shown by Flickr. Even though the iPhone doesn't have the most powerful camera on a smartphone, the pictures it produces are more than adequate for most.

There are thousands of photo apps on the App Store but only a handful of them are worth downloading. We have listed what we find are the best photography apps you can get for the iPhone.


Easily our favourite and a favourite amongst some of the biggest photographers around the world. Unlike other apps where filters can ruin images, VSCO Cam offers an abundance of filters that compliment images and make them look professionally shot. As well as the awesome filters, VSCO Cam offers many photo editing tools that are usually more than enough for the average shooter. It even has its own social network where photographers can share photos of their own.

VSCO Cam 3.0 For iOS


If you're into retro and vintage filters this is the must have app. Retrica offers over 80 different retro and vintage filters that can completely transform images. The app doesn't provide many photo editing tools so it is mainly a filter app.


Putting typography on images has always been a popular concept and has been done ever since photos were created. PicLab may be the best app to put words on your pictures. PicLab offers a huge array of different fonts, shapes and other editing features to put messages on top of your images. The design of the app is fantastic and has always been a personal favourite of mine.

piclab render white


One of the most well praised apps mainly for its wealth of editing features. Even though it's not the best looking app, it offers many editing features you wouldn't find on other photo editing apps.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

If you're a regular Photoshop user Photoshop Touch may be perfect for you. Just like the desktop program it offers many editing features which you won't find on any other apps. It's especially very powerful on the iPad.

photoshop touch

If you recommend any other photography for iPhone make sure to list them in the comments below.