Best Photography Apps for Android 2014

There are many high end Android phones out there by the likes of Samsung, LG and HTC, and they all offer very good cameras. Android phone manufacturers are also regularly releasing new devices with the latest hardware so it’s worth getting the most out of that camera.

There is an abundance of photography apps available for Android and they all offer many different features and options. We’re going to be listing the best all round photography apps for Android – that includes app functionality, design and usability.


VSCO Cam is probably the best photography app available for Android, even iOS. It offers stunning filters that compliment your images instead of destroying them. It has a bunch of editing features which are usually enough for the photographer on the go. It even has its own social network where photographers can share their photos and create their own profiles to share on the web.

Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX seems to be the favourite amongst many Android users. It’s a paid app but boy do you get a lot for your money. It packs a ton of features including features such as burst mode and time lapse which you won’t find on many other camera apps. It also features an extensive list of photo editing options that be used to manipulate images how you like. It’s not the best looking app in the world but it’s usable.


If you’re into retro and vintage style photos, this is a must have. Retrica offers over 80 different filters that are perfect for adding a classic look to your pictures. The app isn’t the most powerful photo editing tool but it’s leaving that up to other apps. It’s design is very simplistic and easy to use.


Putting typography on images has always been a popular concept and has been done ever since photos were created. PicLab may be the best app to put words on your pictures. PicLab offers a huge array of different fonts, shapes and other editing features to put messages on top of your images. The design of the app is fantastic and has always been a personal favourite of mine.

Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch is probably the ultimate photo editing tool for Android. If you’re comfortable with editing photos to a very intricate level and are ready to invest a lot of time into them, this is the app you need.