LiveShare PS – A Photoshop Plugin That Allows Real Time Design Collaboration

Design collaboration is one of the most important parts of being a designer, being able to share your work with other designers and gathering opinions and suggestions is what makes better design.

Unfortunately it’s a bit of a pain having to print out designs on paper or having everyone gathered around one computer.

LiveShare PS is a Photoshop plugin that hopes to change the way design collaboration works. The plugin hooks into Photoshop CC and lets you share what’s on your canvas in real time on the web. You end up making creating your own live design meeting where changes can be made instantly and be shown to everyone.

There is also a mobile-mirroring feature where you can see your design live on your mobile or tablet. Though there are other plugins such as Skala Preview that already do this.

LiveShare PS is completely free to use and is a must have plugin for those who work with other designers and want to share their work with clients.

LiveShare PS Download

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