Clever and Humorous iPhone Photos by Brock Davis

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Clever and Humorous iPhone Photos by Brock Davis

Parsley on apple / tree on a hill.

chopstick pants

Chopstick pants.

crayon tree

Christmas tree from a crayon.

egg roll

Funeral for week-old egg roll.

emo pineapple

Emo pineapple.

good morning

Good morning / smile in cereal.

grape dog

Grape dog.

mint match

Mint match.

ninja knee

Ninja knee.


Paper ball to paper plane.

popcorn in thought

Popcorn seed in thought.

sad shoe

Sad shoe.


Shark - fillet knife / bread knife.

skyline in coffee mug

Minneapolis skyline drawn in coffee.





Brock Davis is a designer, art director and photographer who comes from the US. In his free time he loves to take pictures with his phone, everyone does right? But Brock doesn't take the standard photos we see everyday on our Instagram or Facebook feed, instead Brock plans his shots and makes them clever and funny too. Here are some of his favourite shots from 2013.