Chrome Canary Has a Very Useful Device Emulator Built In for Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has now become a very important part of web design since more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to view their favourite websites, moving away from the desktop.

Chrome Canary is Google’s version of Chrome that has all the latest features before they become available on the main version, you could say it’s a browser that’s always in BETA. One feature in Canary that may be one of the most useful yet for web designers is its device emulator.

When inspecting a site there will now be a new phone icon in the top bar of the developer tools, next to the search icon. When you click on that icon you are given a neat device emulator. The device emulator uses viewports from most major devices such as the iPhone, Nexus and iPad. It makes it much easier to test the responsiveness of a site, no need to keep bringing it up on separately on your phone or tablet.

Chrome Canary

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