Beats’ Pulsating Offices In Los Angeles

Even though Beats has been recently acquired by Apple it is still a standalone company that makes its own decisions. To open a new chapter in its history, Beats hired architectural studio Bestor Architecture to design their new headquarters building in in Culver City, west Los Angeles.

The 105 000-square-foot offices are vibrant and colourful. Neither Apple’s minimalist and cold-hued tone, nor Dre’s unrestrained street style is to be found. Design of the interior is pretty unique and thoughtful. It is obvious that the architects put a lot of time and in effort into making it a productive and comfortable space. They’ve created a sleek and inspiring workplace that suits the types of tasks and challenges Beats’ employees are facing on their daily routine.

As you would expect from a company founded by music producers, Beats’ new headquarters put entertainment before actual work. There are various conference rooms and open-plan meeting zones where workers can exchange and discuss ideas, but far more noticeable are leisure areas that encourage social interaction.

Employees can spend their time talking and sitting on contemporary furniture created by many young designers from Scandinavia. To bring a sense of warmth and comfort to the space, Bestor Architecture used wood to build the main staircase. Located beside a long white wall opposite the cafe, the staircase is a popular meeting point for the workers and one of the most essential spots at the office.

Colourful walls and a variety of decorations on the walls keep the space fresh and inspiring. We believe the feeling of boredom is completely unknown to Beats’ employees. What a fantastic workplace!

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