6 Crazy iPhone Mockups Before The Real iPhone

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6 Crazy iPhone Mockups Before The Real iPhone

Rumors of Apple producing an iPhone existed way before the release of the first iPhone in 2007. Apple basically controlled the music industry with iTunes and the iPod, now it was on to the next product.

Every year rumors of new Apple products fly around but most of the time they're completely untrue. One thing a lot of designers like to do is come up with what they think the next Apple product will look like. Before the first iPhone was released designers did just that. They came up with their own iPhone mockups but when you look at them now you realise how crazy and wrong they were.


Source: Engadget

At the time (2006), this was probably one of the best looking mockups ever. Sliding phones were the craze and the iPod scroll wheel was genius. Combining the two is a no-brainer right?

iPhone Flip

Source: ESATO

A flip phone with an iPod on the front and phone inside. I've got to admit, this is actually a pretty good idea - killing two birds with one stone. If it weren't for touchscreen technology, this may have been the next big thing.


Source: Ferra.Ru

BlackBerry were pioneers for a few years in the smartphone market. The large screens, full keyboards and functionality made it perfect for those who liked to get more done on the go. But BlackBerry's were never really good looking so I'm glad this never happened.


Source: AlZin

Another iPod and iPhone mix but this time it looks much more like an iPod with a number pad attached to the bottom.


Source: Gizmodo

Another flip phone that actually looks pretty stylish.


Source: MacDailyNews

Trackpads was the best way to navigate on a laptop so why not combine a phone, iPod and trackpad into one. This actually probably the closest looking thing to the original iPhone where there are barely any buttons and it's completely operated by touch.

via Gizmodo