30 Really Creative and Clever Business Cards


Making a business card, but making a creative, clever and memorable business card is whole new ball game. It's easy to go for the standard rectangle with lines of important information but these business cards are on another level.

All these business cards are incredibly creative and clever, giving a fantastic first impressions to those who pick one up.

1. Bike tool business card that doubles up as a useable bike tool.

30 Really Creative and Clever Business Cards

bike tool 2

2. Delivery business card that can form into a cargo box.

cargo box

3. Cheese specialist business card that can also be used as a cheese grater.

cheese grater 1

cheese grater 2

4. Cosmetic surgery business card.

cosmetic surgery

5. Dentist business card, using the end of the phone to show a cavity on the tooth.

dentist cavity

6. Divorce lawyer business card that tears right down the middle. The information also shown on both sides.

divorce lawyer 1

divorce lawyer 2

7. Survival training business card that doubles up as edible dried meat.

dried meat

8. Fitness business card.

fitness trainer lose fat

9. Chef/Restaurant business card.

grill 1

grill 2

grill 3

10. Hair stylist/dresser business card.

hair dresser 1

hair dresser 2

hair dresser 3

11. Investment and finance business card. Each side shows a trajectory with sell on one side and buy on the other.

investment rep 1

investment rep 2

12. Lego business card. A lego figure for each employee.

lego agent 1

lego agent 2

13. Makeup artist business card.

makeup 1

makeup 2

14. Personal trainer business card. Stretch it to show information.

personal trainer

15. Picture frames business cards.

picture frame

16. Plumber's business card. A mini plunge!


17. Rock music business card.

rock theme 1

18. Salt business card.

salt shaker

19. Designer business card that blooms.

seed 1

seed 2

20. Gardening business card. With seeds inside to grow your own plants.

seed packet

21. Stylist designer business card.

style transparent 1

style transparent 2

22. Tennis business card.

tennis court

23. Toy chair business card.

toy chair

toy chair 2

24. Photographer business card.

viewfinder photographer

25. Wine business card.

wineglass mark 1

wineglass mark 2

26. Marijuana business card that can be stripped to create filters

cigerette filter 1

cigerette filter 2

cigerette filter 3

27. Circumcision business card. Bit of a controversial one but this type of business is very common in Muslim countries.


28. Yoga business card.

yoga center straw

29. Yoga mat business card.

yoga mat

30. Yoga and fitness business card.

yoga trainer