20 Incredible Images of Earth from Google Earth

Google Earth is one powerful tool that lets us see the world from incredible overhead views that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Earthglance a blog that scours Google Earth to find the most interesting, beautiful and intriguing parts of our world. We’ve handpicked some of our favourites from the blog to show you.

1. Xinjiang, China

2. Boston

3. ATL

4. Bridge to an undeveloped island in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

5. China

6. Coast of Portugal

7. Ethiopia

8. Australia

9. Florida

10. Iceland

11. Interchange in Florida

12. Kuwait

13. Madagascar

14. Miami, Florida

15. Norfolk Trains

16. Sand formations off the cost of Mozambique

17. Shreveport, Louisiana

18. Solar power in Osaka

19. The empty city – Spain

20. Oklahoma

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