Ziiiro Saturn Silver Watch

Ziiiro is one of our most favourite watch brands. They produce incredible timepieces that features unique appearance and style. The Saturn Silver is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio. It offers minimalist design and premium build quality.

Similar to a few other Ziiiro watches, the Saturn Silver comes with a distinctive face. Rather than hands and number, it has a sleek visualization of time. It is easy to read and extremely beautiful to look at, and in Saturn Silver’s case, the effect is even stronger as the makers decided to give its face a slightly retro look.

Combined with chrome silver coating on its stainless steel casing and strap, the face makes the Saturn Silver one of the best looking wristwatches we’ve ever laid our eyes on. If you share our enthusiasm, you can buy it online for as much as €179 and have it shipped to your location for free.

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