Yelp!'s Industrial-looking Headquarters In Silicon Valley


Yelp!'s Industrial-looking Headquarters In Silicon Valley

Yelp! is a ubiquitous company with tags and stickers plastered throughout the major cities of the world. The platform has garnered many reviewers that have helped people connect with local businesses.

Built and designed by O+A Architects, Yelp!'s headquarters make a statement in Silicon Valley. O+A have built the headquarters of many famous companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, Evernote, and Samsung, so it's no wonder Yelp! also asked them for help.The designers took advantage of the industrial space available to them, which many companies have also tried to replicate.

Yelp!'s headquarters might seem half-finished because of the visible pipes in the ceiling, but it exudes an atmosphere of creativity. The most interesting part of the design would be the use of natural wood instead of treated wood, which changes the atmosphere entirely. The offices and cubicles are spacious and have no doors for more flow throughout the building. There are also a number of empty spaces for collaboration and various seating areas do not confine the employees to working in their cubicles.

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