OS X Yosemite – Everything You Need To Know

As well as announcing iOS 8, Apple also announced a new version of OS X they’re calling Yosemite.

The interface elements and functions are pretty much the same but it has undergone a very noticeably design overhaul to fit more in line with iOS.

What’s noticeable straight away is that the gradients we’re so used to seeing in apps and the taskbar are gone. Now everything is completely flat and has some translucency. This is Apple’s way to make the OS X a more personal experience even if it doesn’t add much usability.

As well as the flatter interface, Apple has redesigned its icons to be much flatter too. They’re now sporting much softer gradients and very little reflections.

As well as a UI overhaul, some apps have been updated and features have been added to the OS.


Apple’s web browser has been completely overhauled to now have a much more minimal and content focused design.

The toolbar has been cut down a lot and is now much slimmer than before giving users more space for their favourite websites.

Currently open tabs now can be quickly viewed in a thumbnail format with tabs from the same site being stacked.


With iOS 8 installed on an iPhone, users can now use their Mac to send and receive SMS messages, not just iMessages. Making it much easier to keep track of incoming messages.


Spotlight has always been one of the best features of OS X and it has now been updated to be even more powerful. When searching a large search bar will now appear in the middle of the screen. Spotlight will try and guess queries before they’re finished and will offer images, info, documents, web results, images and anything else it can find.

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