Medium’s Inspiring Office In San Francisco

Medium is a social platform for sharing and reading stories. Anyone can become a writer and share their thoughts in more than 140 characters. Designed for little stories that you can read during your coffee break, Medium is used by both aspiring storytellers and journalists from all around the world.

If you expect the people behind Medium to be as creative as their idea, you would not be wrong at all. They’re all very talented and one source of their creativity may be their awesome office. Darren Hull, a photographer from Canada, had a chance to spend an entire day in the company’s premises in San Francisco. He brought back tons of great pictures that he’s published – yeah, you’ve guessed it right – on Medium for everyone to see and enjoy.

Medium’s office is very atmospheric. It may not be as modern as other workplaces you’ve seen before, but it has a certain vibe to it. It feels very spacious and personal, with slightly industrial look and various items scattered across the interior. They seem out of place, but we’re sure each and every one of them has an interesting and inspiring story to tell (there are even paintings of cats!). The spirit of teamwork and creativity and present in Medium’s office and we absolutely love it.

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