Best Keyboard Apps For Android

One of Android’s coolest features is the ability to install third-party keyboard apps. The default Android keyboard is pretty good on its own but there are some others out there that may better fit you. If you feel it’s time for a change and you’re eager to try something new, you’re definitely going to want to check out these alternatives.

Below you will find a list of 6 great keyboard apps for Android. We’ve cherry picked those that excel at functionality and design, delivering the best typing experience on the platform. They should be fun to play with and some may even reinvent the way you write messages and notes.

Don’t hesitate to try them all as each and every application represents a different approach to typing. Enjoy!

Google Keyboard

The default keyboard that Nexus and Google Play Edition devices come with. It is clean and simple, with only a few options and built-in swype-like feature. You can slide your finger over the keys to type words or use the app’s advanced text prediction engine to speed up the process. Like other Google apps, Keyboard is a free download from the Play Store.


My personal favourite, SwiftKey delivers an outstanding typing experience. It is fast and smooth and comes with a slew of features that you’d not expect from a seemingly simple keyboard app. In addition to various input methods, SwiftKey offers cloud synchronization for personal dictionaries, and trending words feature that automatically suggests topics for conversation (as if you needed that). The app also allows you to customize the look and feel with tons of free and paid themes.

Kii Keyboard

This may be the only keyboard app you will ever need. It combines the best features from other Android keyboards into one good-looking package. With Kii, you can press the keys or swipe over them to type words and phrases. There are a few keyboard layouts and 8 HD themes to choose from. Smart text prediction will make sure you will never make a typo again and built-in Emoji support should add a some fun to your conversations.

TouchPal X Keyboard

An award-winning keyboard application that has conquered the hearts of millions of Android users from all around the world. The reason for its popularity lies within the list of features. In addition to letters, you can use gestures to input numbers, symbols, and smileys. If you don’t have time to type or your hands are busy, you can try the walkie-talkie functionality to send a short voice message.

TouchPal X Keyboard is a completely free app without ads or expiration date. Go ahead, give it a swipe.


Fleksy represents a fresh approach to the idea of smartphone typing. It features a revolutionary patent pending technology that analyzes your typing habits to predict what word you meant to type even if you press all the wrong keys. I do not know what kind of sorcery hides behind this app, but it simply works. Fleksy allows you to type fast without taking up a large chunk of your phone’s screen. It also looks pretty good, with a polished design and intuitive interface.


Rows of keys stacked on top of each other are the song of the past. Minuum replaces them with a single bar that shows up at the bottom of the screen. Rather than keys, it displays a string of letters that you can touch to quickly input words. The more you type, the smarter the app gets.

It uses a powerful text prediction engine to learn the context and come up with suggestions for words you may want to type next, while auto-correction will replace those that you might have misspelled. If you’re not fond of Minuum’s single-row keyboard, you can easily expand it by pressing with two fingers.

If you recommend any other keyboard apps for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.

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