GTA V Is Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC


GTA V Is Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC

Something which me and I'm sure other gamers have been hoping for is to see GTA come to the next gen consoles, later this year it's happening.

At E3 this year, Rockstar announced that GTA V will be come to PS4 and Xbox One and that it'll have an array of improvements to use the extra power found in the next gen consoles.

PC games can also rejoice knowing that GTA V will at last be coming to their computers.

If you've played GTA on the previous gen consoles, you'll be able to transfer everything over to next gen so you don't have to worry about losing all that progress.

However there is a downside. You will need to pay the full up front price again for the game if you want to get it on PS4 or Xbox One.