10 Free Light and Minimalistic Fonts

Our 100 best free fonts has been a hugely popular post on the site with thousands of shares and downloads – creators get the recognition they deserve and everyone gets free fonts, it’s a win-win.

However that list has all sorts of free fonts jumbled up all together. One type of font that has become extremely popular is your light and minimalistic fonts which companies like Google and Apple are using, especially on large background images. It’s a great style that works because the font size is usually huge and sentences are very concise, making it easy for readers to know what they’re reading quickly.

Here is a list of some awesome light and minimalistic fonts that are completely free.

1. Raleway

2. Open Sans

3. Roboto

4. Titillium Web

5. Source Sans Pro

6. Bebas Neue

7. Exo 2

8. Dense

9. Simplifica

10. Nexa

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