10 Beautifully Minimal Examples of Japanese Rice Packaging

Over the years in seclusion and isolation from the Western world, the Japanese have developed their very own aesthetics that is very different to what we know and feel. While a foreigner needs to have an incredibly open mind to understand and assimilate their way of thinking, everyone can appreciate Japanese design and how it turns even the most down-to-earth things – like food bags and boxes – into beautiful works of art.

Below you will find a gallery of 10 stunning examples of Japanese rice packaging. They have unique and very minimal appearance, with plenty of “emptiness” and inner harmony between calligraphy and drawings. Every element of their design appears to be of great importance, emphasizing the role of the rest as well as bringing depth to the space. Honest palette of colours refers to Japanese culture and creates a visually and logically consistent wholeness.

via Design Made in Japan

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