YouTube To Buy Twitch for $1 Billion

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YouTube To Buy Twitch for $1 Billion

The Google owned YouTube is apparently about to buy Twitch for a reported $1 billion, according to Variety.

The acquisition will be an all cash deal and may actually be one of the best moves YouTube makes. Twitch has been growing exponentially and has become the number one place for gamers to live stream their gameplay. It has even been implemented directly into PS4 and Xbox One, where players can very quickly start streaming their gameplay online.

Popular live streamers can even make money from the platform if they have a big enough audience. Who wouldn't love to make money by just playing games?

Twitch currently has a 45 million regular monthly users with 1 million of them uploading videos each month. YouTube obviously wants this huge user base as it has been trying to offer live streaming but Twitch has seemed to have more success,  even though Twitch is tiny compared to YouTube, which is by far the number one most popular place on the internet to consume video.