Vogue’s Futuristic Vision Of Fashion Features Google Glass

Whether we like it or not, Google Glass will play an important role in shaping the future of consumer electronics. It looks like a pair of glasses, but at the same time is totally different from them. Many people find it unappealing or even disturbing, which made Google look for a way to make Glass more fashionable and desirable.

A few months ago the search giant has announced a partnership with Luxottica Group – the company behind very popular brands such as Ray-Ban and Oakley. We are yet to see the fruits of their collaboration, but even now Glass is an inspiration for the fashion industry. Vogue, a world-famous style magazine, has arranged a photo session, in which it presents a futuristic vision of fashion. Google Glass is an integral part of it and we are surprised to see it fit the style of designer clothes like a glove.

As far as the pictures go, they’re very intriguing and atmospheric. Vogue’s photographers managed to capture the majestic seriousness of fashion of the future as well as the glimpse of steampunk-inspired robotic rigidity. Check out the gallery below to see android-like models, Google Glass, and Gucci dresses mix in a world drawn from the novels by Julius Verne.

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