Tumblr For iOS And Android Updated With Blog Customization

You can customize your Tumblr blog on the web, but until now you couldn’t change the way it looks right from your smartphone. That changes now as the Yahoo-owned company started rolling out a massive update for its mobile apps.

Once you update the app on your iOS or Android device, you’ll see a slightly tweaked dashboard view. There’s a colourful new loading bar and larger images. However, you will not see the biggest changes until you visit your blog’s page where you will be greeted with customization options.

They allow you to test new themes by playing with colours, fonts, header images, and other things. Any changes you make on your phone or tablet will also show up on the desktop and the other way around.

According to Tumblr, there is 3.3 billion possible combinations for your mobile Tumblr page. If you cannot wait to try them all out, head over to the PlayStore or AppStore to download the update.

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