Popcorn Time Is Now Available for Android, But You Shouldn't Download It


Popcorn Time Is Now Available for Android, But You Shouldn't Download It

We posted about Popcorn Time a while back, a lot has happened since then. The original developers of the program stopped development, and you can read their reasons here.

A new set of devs have taken over the project called Time4popcorn. The app by the looks of it is still working and is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

But now it's also come over to Android where anyone with Android 4.2 or above can download and use it. The app was first uploaded on the Google Play Store but then was removed very quickly, for obvious reasons, Google doesn't want to promote pirated content and be sued for it.

The only way to install it right now is to download it from the site and side load it on to your device. Or go to the site on your Android device, download and install it from there.

We recommend you don't install it though. Apps that go on to the Google Play Store are usually scanned for malicious code. There is no one here testing the code for Popcorn Time so it could easily hide very dangerous code which you wouldn't even know of. And of course it's illegal to stream pirated content in most countries, do you really want to be slapped with a fine?

Time4Popcorn has also been questioned a lot by the development community due to the way it is coded. All of the code is pulled from a remote server, so the developers can easily load malicious code on to your computer without you ever noticing. They could easily wipe your computer or copy all the content.