Notifyr - Receive iOS Notifications On Your Mac

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Notifyr - Receive iOS Notifications On Your Mac

If the rumors are true, Apple is looking for a way to merge iOS and OS X into one or at least make the two operating systems work more closely together. Developers, whose powers never cease to amaze us, do not resign themselves to dreaming, but work hard to give us a glimpse into the future.

How many times did your phone ring while you were working on a computer, but it was in another room or buried deep in your bag? Notifyr is an amazing application that removes the struggle of digging it up. Being a rock-solid middleman between your iPhone and Mac, the app routes iOS notifications to your Mac. They appear as native notifications in the right-hand corner of the display, allowing you to read a text message or view a Snapchat picture without reaching out for your phone and interrupting the workflow.

Notifyr uses Bluetooth LE technology (which guarantees stable connection and low battery use), it works only with iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c running iOS 7.0 or newer. As far as Macs are concerned, you need a 2011 MacBook Air, 2012 MacBook Pro, late 2012 iMac, 2011 Mac mini, or late 2013 Mac Pro to use it. The app is available at the AppStore for £2,49.

Notifyr for iOS - £2.49 ($3.99)