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MVMT Watches & Giveaway

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MVMT Watches & Giveaway

MVMT (pronounced movement) has come a long way since it launched nearly a year ago. The brand of minimalist watches went to Indiegogo to launch a crowdfunding campaign, it was only looking for $15,000, but it ended up raising a whopping $200,000.

The folks over at MVMT were kind enough to send us two of their watches to cover here on UltraLinx - the all black with a black leather strap and the white/silver with tan leather.


The first thing I loved about the watches is how minimalistic they are. They have very simple faces with a small MVMT logo at the top in place of where the twelfth hour would be. They're designed to be easy to read and not have a bunch of dials and details everywhere like some other mens watches.

The front has a glass face with a stainless steel frame which feels very premium in the hand, but it thankfully doesn't weigh down on the wrist, it has a nice weight.


The straps are made from genuine leather keeping in line with the premium feel. After wearing one of watches for a week, the straps are very comfortable, don't itch and scratch like some metal straps would.

Probably most interesting about the watch is that it only costs $95 which is more than affordable. It easily feels like a $200-400 watch, and looks it too. The aim was to make a fantastic premium looking watch but also make it very affordable, MVMT have done a great job with that.

MVMT Watches

The competition has now come to an end. Winners will be emailed so make sure to keep an eye on your emails if you entered!