Monument Valley Is Now Available for Android

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Monument Valley Is Now Available for Android

Monument Valley came out for iPad in April and I considered it to be one of the best iPad games you could ever download. It's easily one of the best puzzle games ever to come out for the iPad and features some absolutely stunning graphics.

The game went on to be a huge hit, receiving 500,000 downloads in just one month on the App Store, which is pretty amazing for an iPad-only game.

Now the the digital agency, ustwo, that owns Monument Valley is bringing the game over to Android. Thankfully it's not just limited to tablets, it can be played on Android phones too, so there is a much larger market.

Instead of going for a freemium model like many have with Android, ustwo is going for a one off purchase of £2.49 like on the iOS App Store.

Everything in the game is pretty much the same as on the iPad so Android users definitely won't feel left out.

This game is a must have.

Monument Valley - £2.49