Minimal Architecture Photography By Josef Schulz

If you’re into beautiful pictures of buildings, prepare your eyes (and heart) for a true feast. Josef Schulz is an artist from Germany, who specializes in architecture photography. His online portfolio is full of breathtaking images that feature unique style, composition, and harmony.

Call me hyper, but I absolutely love Schulz’s works. I admire the way he managed to capture the beauty of buildings that we usually do not even notice. Those are gas stations, containers, bridges, wells, chimneys, and many other elements of the architectural landscape that we tend to ignore whilst walking in the city.

Minimal and precise compositions highlight the elegance of their simple forms, shapes, colours, and textures. Green grass corresponds with raw concrete of some purely functional building and creates an impressive harmony of artificial and natural, while a curved line of the highway blends into the surroundings and gains a whole new meaning not as a part of what we see, but a standalone, distinctive object.

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