Microsoft Offering Xbox One for £349 Without Kinect

Microsoft will now be competing very closely with Sony by lowering the price of the Xbox One to £349 ($399) without Kinect.

There was a lot of controversy with Kinect when the Xbox One was announced and details were shed about the add-on. At first buyers were required to have Kinect connected all the time to their Xbox One. Microsoft then did a u-turn and changed the requirement, allowing buyers to use their Xbox One without Kinect. However Kinect still came packaged with the Xbox One, making it a good £100 more than Sony’s PS4.

Microsoft has now seen the light and realised not many people care about the Kinect or have much use for it. The company is now offering the console without Kinect for £349 ($399)  – the same price as a PS4.

This offer will be introduced on the 9th of June.

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