Kairos Hybrid Smartwatch

For many smartwatch manufacturers the gap between technology and fashion is too wide a leap. Devices like Galaxy Gear or Qualcomm Toq are capable of many incredible things, but they look more like tiny computers rather than watches that you would actually wear on your wrist. The upcoming wave of good-looking Android Wear watches may change that, but at the moment we’re under the impression that most smartwatch makers have chosen the wrong approach.

What if, instead of trying to reinvent a wristwatch, they’d improve the existing one? A small startup named Kairos came to a similar conclusion. It has created two wristwatches – the MSW and SSW – that combine timeless classic design with smart features. Thanks to state-of-art transparent OLED screen and compact interface, they can display weather, notifications from your phone, and control music playback.

The watches themselves appear to be beautifully crafted with attention to tiniest detail. With either Japanese or Swiss self-winding watch movements, they are just as good and precise as conventional wristwatches. Without a shadow of doubt Kairos came up with a brilliant idea, but what about execution? The startup is new and while it promises to start shipping the first models in December of this year, no one has seen the actual devices as of yet.

If you’re willing to support Kairos’ vision, be prepared for a significant expense. Pre-orders are non-refundable and range from $499 to $1199, but it’s a reasonable price for a truly unique watch.

Kairos Watches Website

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