What An iPhone With A Holographic Display Might Look Like

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What An iPhone With A Holographic Display Might Look Like

Holographs is a cool technology that we are yet to see being used at a global scale, but many designers and companies like to experiment with it in hope to create groundbreaking products that will reinvent the market. One such company is Apple, which has just recently filed a patent for a holographic touch-screen display.

This news has inspired Mike Ko, a renowned video designer who has previously worked with Google, Nike, and Toyota, to create a beautiful concept of an iPhone equipped with a holographic screen. In his video, we can see cute tiny cars driving through a miniature city floating in the air, just a few inches above the level of the screen, creating a wonderful 3-D experience. The concept, dubbed as "Diorama", was made to stimulate your imagination and give you the idea of what interacting with a phone would be like if its interface was not limited only to the display.

Besides, Ko's animation is simply a beautiful thing to watch. If you're a video maker yourself, you'll appreciate the skill, craftsmanship, and heart the designer has put into "Diorama".

We do not know if Apple's holographic display will ever make its way to the iPhone, but we cannot wait to see what the future brings.