Google Now Remembers Where You Parked Your Car

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Google Now Remembers Where You Parked Your Car

Google Now for Android is getting smarter. The recent update did not only bump the version number to 3.4, but also brought a slew of new features, including a parking reminder.

Until now, if you had trouble remembering where you parked your car, you had to either write the address down or try to find it on your own. Google Now, a context-aware virtual assistant that lives inside your Android device, has learned a fancy new trick that may become helpful in all such situations. It uses built-in automatic parking detection to remember where you'd left your vehicle and sends to your phone a notification when it thinks you need it.

As far as other changes go, the new version of Google Now comes with a number of improvements and bugfixes. Google's refined the way reminders work and are displayed on the screen as well as enabled a long-awaited option to open some system settings by voice. At the moment it is an experimental feature that does not always work, but we're glad to see it being implemented. Hopefully in a few months (or weeks, maybe?) we will be able to turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and other settings on and off without even touching the screen.

The update to Google Now should appear in the Play Store shortly, but if you're eager to take it for a test driver earlier, feel free to hit the direct download link below.

Google Search 3.4 - APK