Google Glass Is Now Available To Everyone In The US

If Google Glass has been visiting in your dreams ever since it was unveiled back in April 2012, you will be more than pleased to learn that this marvelous wearable computer is now available to every US citizen for purchase.

Until now, to get Google Glass you had to be a member of the exclusive Glass Explorer program. To join, you needed an invitation and a whooping $1500 in your wallet. While the program and invitations are gone, not everything has changed. The price you pay for Google’s first head-mounted device remains the same, making the Glass a computer that is as futuristic as expensive. $1500 is a lot of money, especially when you consider that the Glass is not a final product and costs only $80 to make.

Nonetheless, it is a wonderful piece of technology. The device looks like a traditional pair of glasses, but rather than sharpening your vision, it enhances it. The Glass puts a small, transparent display just above your right eye that allows you to view your search results, directions, and even web pages and apps. Since the computer is connected to your phone, you can also send and receive text messages and make calls. It understands your voice so you can talk to it as if it was a real person (to some extent, obviously).

It is the first time Google’s offered people a chance to get Glass without an invitation. Hope over to the Glass Shop to buy one, but be quick – the stock is limited and we haven’t heard of Google planning to ramp up the production anytime soon.

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