Gmail Might Get A Beautiful Minimalistic Redesign

Gmail is one of the most popular services from Google so it’s always being updated to enhance the experience and of course beat competitors.

Google is known to test redesigns regularly, many companies do it actually. They’ll test a redesign with less than 1% of the current users to see what works best and if the testing goes well, they end up slowly rolling it out to everyone.

Well Google right now may be testing a redesign for Gmail. Over the years the email service has become a little cluttered with lots of information everywhere. Google seems to be testing a much more minimalistic design that actually looks amazing. It also fits right into the design of its other services.

Instead of multiple columns, tabs and buttons everywhere, the redesign just has one column. There are barely any buttons, and the menu is hidden away into a slide out sidebar.

However there are no ads in the redesign which is interesting. But knowing Google, if it were to ever come to everyone, expect ads.

You can click on the images below to blow them up full screen.

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