Foursquare Swarm

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Foursquare Swarm

Do you know Foursquare? It's a location-based social network that lets you check-in to the place you're at and tell your friends about it. Well, at least that's what it used to be. The description is no longer accurate as the company has just announced that Foursquare was split in half, giving birth to Swarm.

Swarm was designed to exist alongside the original Foursquare app, but rather then double its functionality, it offers a bunch of unique features. It is a social heat map that doesn't ask you to check-in anymore. Instead, it allows you to track your friends' location in real-time, share yours, and create co-managed events and lists. Basically, Swarm is a friend-centric radar that will tell you who at the door before you open it.

As for the current Foursquare app, it will soon receive an update. Without features that were moved to Swarm, it will be lighter, easier to use, and focused on discovering new places.

Eager to give Swarm a go? You'll have to wait until the end of the month for it be available on iOS and Android. But if you really, really look forward to trying it out, you can head over to Swarm's website and sign up for the beta release.