Elevate – Stunning Brain Training App Worth Downloading

Ever since the inception of the App Store, developers have been creating and releasing all sorts of learning apps on the App Store. Unfortunately with most of them, they don’t really teach you much. They’re pretty drab and don’t try to transform the way you learn.

Elevate is a new app hoping to change the way you learn by becoming your own personal brain trainer. After brief use I’m already very impressed by the way the app sets you up to improve your skills.

When you first launch the app and create an account, you choose the skills you want to improve. The app then gives you tasks to complete everyday that help you improve those skills.

Elevate can help you improve 14 different skills which are comprehension, processing, focus, visualization, syntax, context, refinement, brevity, error avoidance, precision, memory, agility, inversion and connotation.

It’s currently only available for iOS, but the Android version is coming the 5th of June.

Elevate for iOS – FREE

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