Best Creative Apps For Android


Best Creative Apps For Android

The days of carrying a paperback notebook for sketching and writing down ideas are long gone. Those devices of the past have been replaced with tablets, which can do exactly the same, and then some.

Thanks to access to millions of apps available in the Play Store, slates running Android operating system may be very useful tools in the work of every artist and designer. We’ve reviewed tens of them to provide you with a compilation of 10 best creative apps for Android tablets.

They come with various features that will make your job easier and faster, or even open up a new range of possibilities. Who knows, maybe some of the tools they offer will inspire your to create something new and groundbreaking?

SketchBook Express

A professional-grade application for artists and illustrators. Sketchbook Express was developed by Autodesk, a leading company in cuttin-edge design solutions, and brings you the ability to create beautiful drawings. Rather than a napkin, you can use your Android phone or tablet and Sketchbook Express to quickly capture your ideas.

The app allows you to work with up to three layers and use various brushes and tools. You can also add text, select colours from the Colour Wheel, and transform objects using the Free Transform Tool. All images can be saved to your device's memory to shared on deviantART, Internet's largest social network for artists.

Vector Artist

Vactor Artist is a simple, but very good art app for Android. It allows you to draw vector shapes and paths, fill them with colour or gradient, and add effects and strokes. Your works can be shared to Dropbox or Tumblr or saved as PNG or SVG files.

Infinite Design

If you're an illustrator and you work with vectors on your daily basis, you will love Infinite Design. It is a powerful graphics editor that comes with features you'd expect to see in a computer program, rather than mobile app. Those include infinite canvas size, multiple layer support, pen tool with path editing, five symmetry modes, and numerous visual effects. Images as large as 100 megapixels can be saved as PSD, JPG and PNG files or exported to SVG.

Animation Desk

Animation Desk was developed to allows everyone to create beautiful animated works. Choose a tool, select colour, adjust brush size, draw a picture and animate it using various built-in effects. Thanks to gorgeous interface, Animation Desk is really easy to work with.


Are you into pixel art? If so, download IsoPix. It's a simple drawing app that allows you to create beautiful pixel-perfect images such as icons and avatars.

AutoCAD 360

View, edit, and share AutoCAD drawing directly from your phone or tablet. AutoCAD 360 is a free aplication that lets you browse files stored on your AutoCAD 360 account, download and upload projects, and add and edit annotations and comments. As far as drawing goes,you can use multi-touch gestures to select, move, and rotate 2D and 3D objects. AutoCAD 360 does not require Internet connection to work, so you can draw on the go and upload changes when you are back online.


Create beautiful, three-dimensional projects of interiors and houses. The app comes with hundreds of high-quality models and textures. Using gestures and swipes, you can easily navigate through the interface and advanced lighting system allows you to set the mood and analyze your design in different conditions. Homestyler is a must-have application for every interior designer and architect.

Pixlr Express

More than 400 000 users cannot be wrong - Pixlr Express is the best photo editor out there. Apart from pretty interface, it offers a slew of useful features such as crop, adjust, rotate, and fine-tune. If basic tools are not enough, you can play with various photo filters, overlays, borders, and lighting effects.

Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is probably the most intuitive, yet the most powerful music app on the platform. It comes with 14 sound machines to work with, BeatBox, FMSynth, and organ are just to name a few. You can record music using a variety of effects, mix tracks, and play with advanced EQ and limiter settings. All that is wrapped in good-looking, skeuomorphic interface that will look very familiar to every digital music buff.


A smart video app that automatically picks and edits the best moments of films you're working on. It allows you to set image stabilization, add filters, animations, transitions, and music as well as tag people and share your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

These are only a few of the great creative apps for Android. If you recommend any others, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.