Contemporary Tunquen House On A Cliff

We all thirst for some solitude from time to time. While for some a few-day-long trip to the countryside is enough, others prefer living in seclusion on their daily basis. It is easy to understand both groups. In order to restore mental stability and recharge batteries, it is good to spend some time alone, surrounded only by nature. For a family who enjoys solitude and craves for beautiful landscape, Nicolás Lipthay Allen designed the Tunquen House – a single-level house that we admire for simplicity, elegance, and location.

The residence was built on a solitary cliff, about 100 miles away from the city of Santiago, Chile. It is nested 164 feet above the sea level and offers the inhabitants a breathtaking view over the ocean. Listening to waves crashing on the rocks and seagulls screaming piercingly in the distance is a beautiful way to start the day.

The Tunquen House was designed with outdoor activities in mind. It consists of the main space with the living room, several rooms for guests, master bedroom, dining, kitchen, and facilities in it, and a courtyard. The latter is sheltered from the wind and connected to the interior of the house. It also provides access to an outdoor dining area and a garden.

The interior is lightsome and minimal. Walls and ceilings were painted while to take advantage of the light flowing into the inside through large panoramic windows. Most furniture and accessories are made of dark wood that add a natural touch that corresponds very well with the palette of colours used for other elements. Decoration is sparse, which makes it obvious that the interior of the Tunquen House was designed for function and comfort, rather than for appearances’ sake.

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