The Beautiful Misfit Shine Activity Monitor

The wearable technology market is growing at a rapid rate as more and more companies enter the market. If you had to buy a smartwatch or an activity monitor, you’d have to choose between dozens of devices. Therefore, new companies and products must find a way to distinguish themselves and attract customers. While some aim at cutting-edge technology, others, like the beautiful Misfit Shine, invest in outstanding design and appearance.

The Misfit Shine is a device that you’d actually want to wear.  It sports a simple and elegant design that fits any body type and occasion. The Shine is tiny and sleek and you can wear it to your everyday jogging as well as to a black tie during an important business meeting. Thanks to several accessories it comes with, you can clip it, strap it or clasp it just about anywhere on your body.

The device tracks your health and sport performance. It uses an invisible display sunk into the body to display a simple and intuitive interface. The interface consists of icons and dots that represent your goals. Until you’ve completed your daily target, the Shine will encourage you to walk a bit further. Additionally, if you decide to wear the tracker on your wrist, it doubles as a stylish watch.

All data recorded by the Shine can be transferred seamlessly to your smartphone via a dedicated application. When you want to sync it, just place the device on your phone and it will take care of the rest.

If you’re interested in the Shine, check out the gallery below. The pictures are gorgeous and present the tracker itself as well as many great details of its design and manufacturing process. There’s even a section dedicated to branding, which beautifully explains the origins of the Misfitname, the Shine’s interface, and the dedicated application.

Manufacturing process and construction


App UI

 Device UI

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