Watch The First Episode Of "Silicon Valley" On YouTube

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Watch The First Episode Of "Silicon Valley" On YouTube

What it is like to live in the famous Silicon Valley, among winners of the booming tech industry? Find out by watching the first episode of HBO's new TV series called "Silicon Valley".

Directed by Mike Judge, "Silicon Valley" paints a picture of the Silicon Valley as seen through the eyes of an ordinary nerd who wants to sell his app idea for millions of dollars and become the next Steve Jobs. As he soon realizes, the idea is not as good as he thought, but it has a hidden potential that leads the nerd to making the most important decision in his life and stepping into the pool of business sharks and dolphins.

After the first episode, we can say that "Silicon Valley" promises to be a good and enjoyable show. We do not know the story is going to develop in the future, but we always look forward to peeking behind the curtains of the ever-interesting world of tech startups.

Is your popcorn box ready? Watch the 30-minute-long pilot episode of the series below, but bear in mind that due to HBO's ridiculous region restrictions, it is available only in the United States. Those who live in Europe and other parts of the world have to wait for the show to air on the television, use a proxy, or find a different source.