Inside The Oddly Beautiful Google Data Centres

Have you ever wondered where Google stores your e-mails, photos, documents, YouTube videos, and apps? Obviously it is not some old tin box in the attic, but a gigantic data centre. Normally those places are kept in secret and none other than athorized employees is allowed inside, but there is one person for whom the company’s made an exception. Connie Zhou, an American photographer, became the only outsider, who’s visited the Google data center in Lenoir, USA, and shared a set of pictures of that incredible place.

The data centre is completely different from the stereotypical server room. Rather than a gloomy maze of ceiling-tall machines with endless lines of lights that blink furiously in the darkness, it is a lightsome and colourful space. In order to reflect the company’s playfulness and make the interior less intimidating, the multibillion-dollar infrastructure was camouflaged with a palette of bright hues. Of course it is still a massive construction filled with cutting-edge technology and muddle of pipes, but they’re perceived differently when painted red, yellow, and blue.

Data centers like the one in Lenoire, with thousands of fiber miles and hundreds of servers, allow the company to index over 20 billion webpages a day, handle more than 3 billion daily search requests, host millions of YouTube videos, and offer various free services to the users.

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