Minimalist Nuno Watch By Lexon

There are a few great minimal watches on the market, but if you’re looking for something as beautiful as unconventional, check out the new Nuno.

This gorgeous wristwatch is a fruit of collaboration between two brothers, Jeremy and Adrian Wright, who designed it for a French brand named Lexon. The Nuno features a unique approach to the idea of a watch face as it has no hands and dial. Instead, it features two overlapping disks that indicate the time through the movement of rounded markers on their surfaces.

The case of the watch is made of steel and available in four colour combinations, all of which are very attractive and suitable for both men and women. Steel casing is completed with a simple leather strap seamlessly attached to the body.

Simplicity and unconstrained elegance of the Nuno watch make it a product of true, irresistible beauty. It can be purchased online for as little as ¬£99.

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