Microsoft’s Windows In The Car

Your car is about to get more windows. Microsoft has announced that it is going to bring world’s most popular operating system to automotives. Windows in the Car, because that’s what it will be called, is expected to give owners of Windows Phone smartphones the ability to control the car’s entertainment and navigation system.

The idea Microsoft has come up with is very similar to Apple’s iOS in the Car (now known as CarPlay). Nonetheless, it is an interesting concept that should bring some interesting variety into the market. Windows in the Car will be compatible with all devices running Windows Phone software and allow users to take over the car using the Mirrorlink wireless standard as well as a touch screen built into the dashboard.

The interface of Windows in the Car will look familiar to everyone who has at least once seen a Windows Phone or Windows 8 device. It is based on tiles which will offer the driver the essential information at a glance. The heart of the system, dubbed as the Start page, displays current speed limits, time, temperature, and bettery level. Other features like music player and navigation are available at fingertips and can be accessed through icons displayed on the screen. As far as further functionality goes, the system is fully integrated with driver’s phone and lets him answer calls, view text messages, and launch various applications.

Generally speaking, the interface is easy to use and intuitive and looks arguably better than Apple’s offering. We do not know when Windows in the Car will debut in our cars, but we look forward to it. For now it is just a cool concept, but we know from experience that companies such as Microsoft never take too long to turn good ideas into existence.

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