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Mailbox Comes To Android and Mac

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Mailbox Comes To Android and Mac

Mailbox, an excellent and very popular e-mail application hitherto exclusive to iPhone and iPad, is now available for free on Android and coming soon to OS X.

Mailbox is a great e-mail client that offers gorgeous visuals and intuitive interface based on gestures. On Android, it debuts with a bunch of new features that are expected to arrive on iOS soon. Those include an ability to sign in using your Dropbox account, various synchronization options, and delete automation. As you'd expect from an Android e-mail app, it can be linked to your Gmail account to receive and send messages. However, users who are not deep into Google's ecosystem and would prefer to use Apple's e-mail service instead, will be happy to know that Mailbox comes with support for iCloud accounts as well. Developers promise to bring compatibility with other e-mail services in the future.

The app packs some pretty smart functionality. To make sure all messages it downloads to your devices are safe, it checks them for possible viruses and malware in the cloud. Additionally, it uses an array of advanced algorithms to automate the way you read your e-mail. For example, after a few days of learning it knows which messages you are not interested in and categorizes them as such automatically. Moreover, it allows you conversations and postpone those that you prefer to deal with later.

All those features are available on Android now. As for a Mac version, makers of the app are planning to launch a beta program to allow users to test Mailbox before it arrives in the Mac AppStore. Just like on mobile, Mailbox for Mac (screenshot below) will boast a minimal interface that highlights beautiful typography as well as rely on the trackpad for gesture-based navigation. If you're eager to give it a whirl, head over to Mailbox's website where you can sign up to learn more about the beta program.

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Mailbox Comes To Android and Mac