Really Useful IFTTT Recipes for Android Users

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Really Useful IFTTT Recipes for Android Users

So you've downloaded the new IFTTT app for Android, but do not know how to use it to its full potential? Well you'll want to check this list. With your convenience in mind, we've selected 12 great community-based recipes that will give you the idea of what IFTTT really is and how it can help you simplify your life and save precious time as well as make your Android device more awesome.

The list we're presenting you with includes various recipes that we've found useful. From notifying you about possible rainfall to sending a text message when you leave work to downloading a picture from 500px and setting it as wallpaper, IFTTT can do many great things.

All recipes consists of a few actions (or triggers, if you like), which depend on each other. For instance, a weather report will be sent to you phone only if it says it is going to rain. Otherwise, you will not receive any updates until the forecast changes. IFTTT is smart and constantly monitors selected sources to activate a recipe as soon as conditions specified in it are met.

Eager to try it out? Check out the list below.

Note: Recipes are sorted by theme.


Post Instagram pics in twitter as a picture (not a link)

When adding "watch later" videos send them to Pocket too


Every day at 7:30am send today's weather report to your Android

Rain tomorrow? Get an notification


Set my Android wallpaper to the best posts in /r/wallpapers

Automatically set your latest Instagram as your wallpaper

Set 500px Editor's Choice Image as your wallpaper


Mute the device during meetings

Ping when the stock you're watching drops below a certain point

Keep a phone call log in Google Drive

Send a text to your spouse when you leave work

Turn volume up by text (when phone lost in cushions)

If you recommend any other great IFTTT recipes for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.