Google Docs And Sheets Apps For iOS And Android


Google Docs And Sheets Apps For iOS And Android

Microsoft Office is available on both iOS and Android, but if you're looking for an alternative, we've got some good news. Google have released standalone applications for their Docs and Sheets web services. Just like Office, they allow you to create documents and spreadsheets directly on your phone or tablet.

As far as features are concerned, apps come with everything you'd expect to see in a pocket office suite. Obviously, the functionality is limited, but should be more than enough to let you finish or even create from a scratch that document you need for yesterday. Apps can open and create documents, share them with your friends and co-workers, and add and respond to comments. What is interesting, they do not require Internet connection to work and when you're within the range of a network, they automatically save any changes you'd made to a document.

Google Docs And Sheets Apps For iOS And Android

Check out the short list below for direct download links. No matter what platform you're on, Google Docs and Sheet apps are free. Given how popular and - in our experience - reliable Google's web office apps are, we're hoping them to be just as good on Android and iOS. You risk nothing, but you may finally have an excuse to ditch Microsoft's Office suite for something lighter and more up-to-date.

As for the rest of the Docs package, Google's planning to release a Google Slides app in the near feature.

Google Docs - iOS

Google Sheets - iOS

Google Docs - Android

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