Download A Ton Of Great Flat Wallpapers With This Android App

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Download A Ton Of Great Flat Wallpapers With This Android App

Flat has become the latest trend when it comes to design. It is lightweight, elegant, consistent, and goes well with both organic and geometric shapes. Thus, it is no wonder that we see more and mor flat icons, buttons, apps, websites, and even wallpapers. In flat design, backgrounds are very important as they complement other interface elements.

If you have a thing for flat design and are looking for a new wallpaper to go along with that great set of icons you've found recently, check out Flat Wallpapers. It is a neat little application for Android designed and developed by DroidScreens, the team behind some very popular icon packs. Flat Wallpapers allows you to browse and download for free over 25 flat wallpapers, some of which are unique and impossible to find outside the app. They're divided in two categories, gradients and shapes, so you could easily find the perfect background for your phone tablet's home screen.

I am personally very impressed with the quality and choice of wallpapers the app offers. However, before you download it, bear in mind that the current version contains a bug that causes it to save images WXGA, instead of intended WQXGA. Developers are working on a fix, it should be released shortly.

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