Amazon Dash Wants To Simplify Your Shopping Experience

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Amazon Dash Wants To Simplify Your Shopping Experience

If you're a person who shops for groceries on Amazon, the retailer has released a little gadget to make the task a lot easier. The gadget is designed for those who are subscribed to AmazonFresh service and want to manage their shopping lists directly from the comfort of their kitchens, cupboards, and pantries.

The new product is called Dash and resembles a thermometer a lot. We shall not let the looks fools us, though, as in actuality it is a pretty capable device equipped with a microphone, a laser scanner, and wireless connectivity. Once the Dash is connected to your home Wi-Fi network and linked to your AmazonFresh account, you can use it to easily refill your home's everyday essentials. Put it on the kitchen table and say the names of products you run out of to add them to your shopping list.

It's not just limited to your kitchen of course, even though that's where Amazon is targeting it, you can order other stuff with it too.

If you're eager to give the Dash a try and reinvent your shopping experience, sign up now at Amazon's website to get it for free. Bear in mind, though, that the Dash is not available to everyone at the moment and you will need an invitation to get one.

Amazon Dash - Sign-up Page