Speed Up Your Android Device With This Simple Trick

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Speed Up Your Android Device With This Simple Trick

If you feel your Android smartphone or tablet could use a boost, this trick may be worth your while. It is based upon a simple trick that allows you to access Developer options - a secret menu that holds a few very useful options. The menu is a part of the operating system, which means that it can be accessed on every phone and tablet, no matter what version of Android it is running. Thus, whether you own a high-end handset or a cheap Chinese slate, you can speed it up with just a couple of taps.

The process is safe for your device and any personal data you store on it, and in case you don't like the final result, you can easily revert the changes and go back to the original setup.

1. Open the settings app, scroll all the way down and choose "About phone" (or "About tablet").

2. On the new screen, locate the Build number (it is usually the last item on the list) and repeatedly tap on it.

3. After a few seconds you will see a message that reads "You are now a developer!". Now, the Developer options menu will be added to the settings app.

4. Tap on it and you'll see a list of items detailing various settings on your device. If you're not a developer, they will be of no use to you, so scroll down the list until you find the following three settings: Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator animation scale.

5. Tap each of them to change their value. It is "1x" by default and if you want to give your device a dramatical boost of speed, change it to "0.5x".

That is it! All window and transition animations will be shorter by 50 percent, which will result in noticeably faster performance. If you want, you can completely turn them off, this may make your device feel even snappier because then there are no animations that need to be carried out - but you do end up missing out on the smooth UI experience.

If you recommend any other great Android tips and tricks, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may feature them on the site.