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See How Powerful The Nexus 5 Is In This Unreal Engine 4 Demo

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See How Powerful The Nexus 5 Is In This Unreal Engine 4 Demo

It is safe to assume that in three to five years smartphones and tablets will be as powerful as video game consoles. Even now they are able to produce incredible graphics and visual effects that put handhelds like the PSP to shame. Developers and hardware manufacturers are working hard to bring the idea of a true gaming console that you can put in the pocket to existence and the newly revealed Unreal Engine 4 is a proof that they are on the right track.

Do you remember the Epic Citadel? It was a simple tech demo based on the Unreal Engine 3, which Apple had used back in 2010 to showcase the graphical prowess of the first-generation iPad and it had left many of us speechless. Now, after almost four years, developers of the engine have announced its successor - the mighty Unreal Engine 4. As you'd expect, it is more beautiful than the Unreal Engine 3 and opens a range of incredible possibilities to game makers from all around the globe. With an ability to model levels and build games in real-time, they will be able to release great and polished titles.

To us, casual players, development tools are not as interesting as real-life performance. The new Unreal Engine 4 is pushing boundaries of what a modern smartphone can do. During GDC conference at which the engine was announced, the creators have demoed it on the Google Nexus 5 smartphone. As you can see in the video below, it looks downright amazing and shows the true potential of the device. We are looking forward to see developers use the new technology, but before that happens, the mobile game market has to mature. The power is here, but are people ready to give up on their consoles yet?