Popcorn Time Is Netflix for Pirated Movies - A Gorgeous Torrent Streaming App

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Popcorn Time Is Netflix for Pirated Movies - A Gorgeous Torrent Streaming App

Netflix has undeniably changed the way we watch content on the internet and on our mobile devices. They charge a small flat fee every month for unlimited watching. But studios still make it very difficult to get hold of content and making it available for people to enjoy.

Popcorn Time is an app that makes accessing torrents easier for the average person. Instead of using a torrent application to download a torrent, then watch it after the download has finished, Popcorn Time simply streams the torrent - no need to wait for downloads or mess with any dodgy sites.

Popcorn Time technically isn't doing anything illegal. All they do is use what's already out there. They load the torrents and movie info into the app to make it a seamless experience that's better than even most other paid streaming services out there.

Video playback isn't as smooth as you'd find on something like Netflix or BBC iPlayer but it's definitely not bad. When you first start a movie it takes a little while to load, but once it has loaded and you have a fast enough connection, you can watch a HD movie seamlessly.

The program is currently an open source and all the code can be viewed on GitHub. There are currently 20 developers working on it. They say they shouldn't come into much when it comes to legal matters, but with the program being so easy to use I'm sure studio lawyers will find some way to take it down.

What's most important here is how far behind studios are. They've yet to come up with a great solution to minimise pirating and seem reluctant to until they get amazing deals for their content. Pirating will always exist until the studios do something about it and beat the pirates at their own game.

Popcorn Time

Note: In no way do we promote pirating content. This post has been published to simply highlight how technology is being used to make accessing content in a quick and efficient manner.