PizzaHut Envisions The Delicious Future Of User Interfaces

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PizzaHut Envisions The Delicious Future Of User Interfaces

Surprisingly, the future of physical user interface design lies in neither Apple's, nor Google's hands, but PizzaHut's.

PizzaHut together with Chaotic Moons Studio is working an a device that will redefine the pizza industry forever. It doesn't have a name yet, but we know it is a menu table with a gigantic touchscreen that lets you build your ver own pizza and pay for it using your smartphone.

The idea borrows more than a few ideas from the initial concept of Microsoft Surface (before it became a tablet), so you can expect multi-touch gestures and plenty of interactive UI elements. Adjusting the size of the dough, choosing the sauce, and adding toppings will be as easy as moving icons on your phone's homescreen.

To find out how it works in detail, check out the video below. We don't know if PizzaHut's awesome menu table will make it to the company's restaurants, but we keep our fingers crossed. The future is delicious!